Odds of rolling a dice

So last time we went over probability and figured out the mathematical equations associated with them. Now we’re going to discuss what are odds?

Odds are: describing the likelihood of an event but it is discussing the number of successes vs the number of failures.

So today We will be discussing an item that everyone has had an encounter with, DICE! We will be using a die to figure out the odds of having a successful outcome. So the formula we are going to use is:

if it’s in favor:

Number of ways that an event could occur


Number of ways that the event could not occur

so in the case of our dice we know there are 6 sides (1,2,3,4,5,6)


So the problem we are going to work on is what are the odds of rolling a number less than 3?

in favor  (1,2,)                 2              1

———————–   =   ——  =  ———–   so the odds of rolling a # less than 3 is 2:1

not favor (3,4,5,6)           4              2

Lets also do the odds against an event:

Number of ways that event could not occur


Number of ways that event could occur

So if we use the problem above, it’s just the inverse. So:

not favor (3,4,5,6)                 4                   2

————————   =   ——–  =  ——- so the odds against it are 2:1

in favor (1,2)                          2                   1

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