Welcome to one of my biggest fears…

So when many people here the word math, they get very nervous. The numbers fly through their head, their imagination runs wild. Not to mention word problems…those scare me the most it’s as if the walls are closing in on me and I want to scream! D:


Though in reality…Math is really all about picking the simple pieces out of information and breaking it down. Word problems used to scare me the most but now they seem a lot more easier the more I take my time, *breathe* and slowly read it out. Now that I have gone on about my history with math, let me tell you what we’re going to be breaking down and how it relates to our actual life.

WELCOME TO PROBABILITY!! First thing everyone asks:

When will I ever use this?

Well oddly enough figuring out the odds in everyday life happens constantly. Whether it’s the probability its going to rain or whether you are going to win rock paper scissors against someone on who is going to take out the trash. It’s all around us. So don’t be scared. I’m going to break this down really easy. We’ll start in my next post about cards.

To help introduce probabilities and have a calculator help you illustrate demonstrations click HERE


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